Princess Zelda- Breath of the Wild

As an avid Legend of Zelda fan, I just couldn’t resist cosplaying from Breath of the Wild!  It had been a while since my last LOZ costume, so it was wonderful to be able to pay homage to one of the franchises I grew up with once more.

The costume was relatively simple, but everything was made by me from scratch, making the costume all the more personal.  I altered a couple of patterns to get the dress style I wanted and I made the gold accessories using gold mirror backed acrylic which I laser cut and heat formed to shape.  The belt is also made from scratch, using laser cut leather, leather paints, and metallic wax.  My ears are the Nomad ears from the amazing Aradani Studios and they are the perfect style for Zelda!

All photos were taken by Vordigon Photography


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