From time to time, I like to make an original design costume.  I had wanted to do a mermaid for a long time, and when I had the chance to buy a latex tail, I jumped on it.  While the tail is purchased, the bra, shoulder piece, necklace, and hip piece are all made by me.  I used real shells and pearls to create the look, aside from the large shells on the bra which are resin cast.  Since I couldn’t find two shells that were the same size, I got one large shell and used it to make a mold, the cast the shells for the bra.  I also very much enjoyed dyeing my hair with a pink and orange gradient to go along with the mermaid aesthetic!

The ear fins and gills are prosthetics from Aradani Studios.

MermaidMermaid 2 WMermaid 7 WMermaid 8 W

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