Marceline the Vampire Queen (ep. 62) – Adventure Time

The Marcy Monster is back!  Adventure Time is one cartoon that will always have a very special place in my heart, so naturally I would cosplay from it again one day!  Marceline’s character has developed in a very interesting and satisfying way since she was introduced in the episode “Evicted.” She changed from being nothing but a fun loving trickster to having an incredibly deep and gloomy backstory.  I constantly find myself wanting to know more!

The majority of this costume is from my closet, with the only exception being the axe bass and the addition of the blue band on the hat and the bows on my boots. The bass is made from scratch with wood and uses real guitar parts to give it a more “real life” feel. It doesn’t play, but it looks like it might!

All photos are by Road Salt Photo


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