Kimahri Ronso – Final Fantasy X/X2

Final Fantasy X and X2 were the first Final Fantasy games I ever played, and the character designs and vibrant colors really stood out to me.  I wanted to make something from those games that would really challenge me as a crafter and cosplayer, so I chose Kimahri.  Upon seeing some fan art of a genderbent Kimahri Ronso (the artist of which has eluded me) I immediately fell in love with the idea and wanted to bring it to life!  With the help of some stilts, I stand at 6 foot tall. It’s a fairly large jump from my usual 5 foot 2!  I also use leggings from We Love Colors, which I dyed to match my makeup, to make the makeup process go a little faster. It takes about 4 hours total for me to get into this costume, but its always so worth it to to be such a cool character!

Kimahri 1 Dragon WKimahri 2 Dragon WKimahri 3 Dragon WKimahri 4 Dragon WKimahri 5 Dragon W

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