Aranea Highwind – Final Fantasy XV

Aranea Highwind is my kind of lady.  She’s strong, independent, a great leader, and a complete badass! She commands her men fiercely and efficiently and is so respected among her subordinates that they will follow her command no matter where she places her loyalty.  I love the kind of character who plays by her own rules and stays true to her own morality and ideals. Aranea is exactly that.

Construction notes:

The costume itself was made almost entirely from scratch, with the exception being the leggings that I wear under the armor.  The amor is a 100% EVA foam build with faux leather straps.  I also used magnets and Velcro to attach pieces together. The gray belts are foam covered with fabric, the gems on the breastplate are resin cast, and the design on the skirt was patterned and painted by hand prior to sewing it together. The boots have EVA foam bits added on as well as an additional shaft made from foam and fabric. I was really lucky to already have fabric that matched to boots perfectly!   The lance is also an EVA foam build with a PVC rode in the center.  It unscrews in two places for easy travel.

All photos are by The Portrait Dude- Cosplay Photography


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