Termina Cosplay

Photo by Alexandra Lee Studios

Termina Cosplay is a full time cosplayer and content creator from the Midwest with a background in studio art.  She first discovered cosplay in 2013 during her first convention and has been captivated by the community and culture ever since.  Now, she creates cosplay and modeling content full time while also running The Shimmering Chimera, her online shop where she creates and sells handmade wearable art and costume pieces.  While having no formal training in costume or fashion design, Termina was able to transfer her knowledge of studio art into her cosplay craft and has continued to hone her skills and learn new techniques every chance she gets!


Photo by Reid Braesel

Over the years, Termina Cosplay has created over 80 costumes, ranging from video games, anime, cartoons, and comics!  Some of her most recognizable are her Red Gyarados and Scyther gijinkas from Pokemon as well as Rikku from Final Fantasy X-2, Samus Aran from Metroid, Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop, and Catwoman from Arkham City.

Her extravagant and imaginative creations have won numerous awards at conventions all over the United States and she has been published internationally in print and online magazines.  She has also been invited as a guest, panelist, and contest judge at conventions all over the US.

Content Creator

Photo by Reid Braesel

Whether it means traveling hours upon hours to that perfect photoshoot location, or building an entire photo backdrop and set in her living room, Termina strives to create works of art through her craft and modeling. In collaboration with her trusted photographer of 7 years, Reid Breasel,  The two create and offer exclusive online content on Patreon and OnlyFans monthly, which directly provides the necessary means to continue creating wearable works of art and showcasing them through photography and video.  She also offers signed prints, buttons, and digital downloads for photosets through her online stores and at conventions.


Slideshow photo credits: Theorem Productions, Braesel Photography, Alexandra Lee Studios, Kaminsky Kandids Photography, Chris Bombardo Visuals

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