Cyborg Franky!

Last summer I took on Cyborg Franky as one of my major projects of the year. It was a very daunting task, but I really wanted to try something new, and giant working cyborg arms seemed like the right way to go!

I finished the costume in the summer of 2019 and took it all the way to the Blue Mountain Resort in Canada for Yeticon. Yeticon is one of my favorite conventions to attend, and the village area at the resort always looked to me like it might be village on an island in the One Piece universe, so naturally I wanted to bring Franky there!

Thank you Kevin The Director for the video clip!

It was raining and cold the day I wore Franky, but that wasn’t going to stop me from going out and being the most SUPER cyborg that I could be! Kevin The Director was kind enough to collaborate with me to get this video clip and the photos down below! Be sure to check out his work on his YouTube channel!

The hands are made of wood and the forearm is an EVA foam shell with a PVC pipe inside with a gloves attached inside of that. The fingers are strung with fishing line that attaches to a glove inside the forearm, and I can pull the strings to make the hands move (though it is difficult with my very small hands ^^;)

Since then I’ve also competed with Franky at Wizard World Columbus 2019 and won Best Anime Character. Here’s a clip from my walk on stage!

Most recently, I had the pleasure of working with Alexandra Lee Studios for a photoshoot on a beach on the east coast, and the photos she captured were phenominal!

photos by Alexandra Lee Studios