Zero Two – Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two is such an interesting character, and considering the fact that I can’t resist the urge to make cool bodysuits, it was inevitable that I would make one from Darling in the Franxx!  When I learned that my friends were planning a group of Franxx plug suits for Magfest 2019, it didn’t take much convincing for me to agree to be their Zero Two!

Construction Notes:

The bodysuit itself is made using matte white stretch vinyl and I used heat transfer vinyl for the red and gold details.  The armor pieces were made using Stella Chuu’s pattern and crafting with EVA foam, sealed with Plastidip and painted with spray paint.

My horns are resin cast and include LEDs that create a beautiful red glow.  You can get your own in my Etsy Shop!

Zero Two - Darling in the Franxx

Photos by Reid Brazel (Vordigon Photography)

Kokoro made and cosplayed by Malicious K Cosplay

Photos by Eezaphoto