K/DA Ahri – League of Legends

Just like many cosplayers during the latter part of 2018, I just couldn’t resist the pull of the K/DA Pop Stars video!  KDA Ahri was my first League of Legends cosplay, and I had a lot of fun figuring out how to do the various parts of her costume.  Floating gold accessories and a crystalline tail are something I had never tacked before, and while frustrating at times, the result was worth it!

Construction Notes:

The top, shorts, and thigh highs are patterned and made from scratch with stretch vinyl and jumbo spandex.  The tail is holographic vinyl and attaches on by slipping the base inside the back of a corset.  The gold details are mirror backed gold acrylic and heat formed to shape.  The bracelets have a right of clear acrylic on the inside to give hem a “floating” effect and  the hip pieces attach with Velcro and stay upright all on their own!

Photos by Reid Brazel (Vordigon Photography)