Adventure Time Pin Ups – Princess Bubblegum

I’ve had the idea to reimagine Adventure Time characters loosely based in “pin up” style for a long time, so you can imagine my excitement as this project came together!

Reimagining characters in a boudoir or “sexier” style has been a large part of how I cosplay for a long time, and I love the creativity and planning that can go into these types of shoots,  Taking one of my favorite characters, Princess Bubblegum, and shooting her with a sexy scientist vibe has been in the back of my mind for at least a year prior to bringing the shoot together, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out!

Construction/Set Notes:

The outfit:

While the lab coat was purchased, I did have to alter it significantly to get it to take the shape I wanted.  Highly fitted lab coats aren’t easy to find, so I bought a generic lab coat and took it in at the waist until it gave me the hourglass silhouette I was looking for.  The thigh highs were originally a pair of tights from We Love Colors that I turned into thigh highs by cutting them apart and adding an elastic band to them. The crown is the same one I use for my classic Bubblegum cosplay, which is laser cut from mirror backed acrylic, heat formed, and includes a blue resin gem.

The set:

The set was the most fun and most time consuming part of this shoot! I wanted to make this look as close to Princess Bubblegum’s lab as I could, so everything I included has roots in the show.  Unfortunately, there are not many scenes that show the small details of Bubblegum’s lab, so I also took inspiration from Prince Gumball’s lab (Princess Bubblegum’s counterpart in Ice King’s fanficition “Fiona and Cake”) For the books, I used some old textbooks I had laying around, painted their covers, and added the words “sweets”, “candy”, and “salty”.  I also designed and printed the Periodic Table of Candy Elements as seen in the episode “Five Short Tables”

My Peppermint Butler prop is the same one I used for my classic Bubblegum cosplay and is made with a wood base with his suit being made of dark blue suiting fabric.  His legs have wires inside them to allow for posing.  I wanted to include more of Princess Bubblegum’s candy creations in this shoot, so I made Science the Rat out of polymer clay since he is seen multiple times in PB’s lab.

The beakers and test tubes are full of various candy liquids (i.e., water with food coloring) and one even inludes some green slime which I made to resemble the green ooze that is seen coming from the zombie-like oozers from the Desert of Wonders.  I even added some vinegar and baking soda to a beaker and a test tube so I could mix them together and have a real fizzy reaction!

Photos by Reid Brazel (Vordigon Photography)