Adventure Time Pin Ups – Marceline the Vampire Queen

It’s easy for me to imagine Marceline as a badass pin up style girl, so I wanted to bring Marcy in for my second installment of “loosely based on pin up style” Adventure Time characters!   That, and since I had just recently finished my functional bass guitar for Marcy, I didn’t need any convincing to do another photoshoot with it!

Just like with my Princess Bubblegum shoot, I wanted to bring as many nods to Marcy’s character into the shoot as I could. The graffiti on the walls include one of Marceline’s tags seen in the Candy Kingdom underground, the “M” she uses to tag things that belong to her (usually properties such as Fin and Jake’s treehouse and the cave she currently lives in) and a recreation of the face used to summon her dad, Hunson Abadeer, from the Nightosphere.

Construction Notes:

The entire outfit consists of purchased items, so there isn’t any construction to mention there.  The bass guitar however, as mentioned above, is a functional replica of Marceline’s axe bass made from scratch!  It had always been a dream of mine since I started watching Adventure Time to have a functional bass guitar for Marcy, and after a lot to research and effort, we finally made my dream come true!