Tiabeanie – Disenchantment

When Disenchantment came out, I absolutely loved its charm.  As a huge fan of Matt Groening’s earlier work with The Simpsons and Futurama, I was happy to see a new show that reminded me so much of those shows.  Tiabeanie was a super easy costume to throw together on a whim, and the photos we got were so fun!

Construction Notes:

The costume is largely found items that I altered.  The tunic is just a t-shirt that I dyed  blue, took the sleeves off of, and added a v-neck and leather lace.  The belt is a strip fo craft foam covered with fabric and the sword was from my friends at Wulfgar Weapons and Props.

The Luci props took the most effort.  I made 3 different versions of him so I could have him pose different ways for different photos.  Their shapes were cut out of acrylic and I added clear stands to the back of two of them so they could stand on their own, and one I heat formed into a sitting position and added magnets to so he could sit on my shoulder.

Photos by Reid Brazel (Vordigon Photography)