Midnight – My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia won my heart pretty quickly so naturally I wanted to cosplay from it. I wanted to cosplay a character that really resonated with me, and our 18+ Only Hero: Midnight just seemed like a perfect fit!

Construction Notes:

The bodysuit was made with a pre-existing pattern altered to have as few seamlines as possible.  I chose to make it with a swim lining due to Midnights suit being described as “ultra thin” in the show, and swim lining was the thinest white spandex I could find.  I even make two suits, so I could have one that I could rip up for a photoshoot and one that I could keep looking pristine.  The belt buckle and studded details are resin cast and the belt itself is EVA foam wrapped in vinyl fabric.  The “corset” is not actually a corset, but but just a tube made to look like a corset.  I wear a bodyshaper under it to give me a more cinched look without having to deal with a full on corset.

Photos by Reid Brazel (Vordigon Photography)

Photos by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography