Blair – Soul Eater

My favorite part of Soul Eater was Blair the cat!  She might look like a witch, but she’s really just a cat with ridiculous amount of magical power!

Construction Notes:

The base of the costume was purchased from Miccostumes.  I then altered it by taking in the waist and shortening the skirt.  I also replaced all the silver studs at the bottom of the skirt with larger ones and sewed the pendant from the necklace directly onto the dress.

For the boot covers, I made a pattern for the pointy, witch style toes and sewed them out of wet look fabric.  Then, I stuffed the toes with poly fill to keep their shape and slipped them over a pair of black high heels.

The wig is a long, cheap base wig from Amazon which I cut and styled.  To make the curls, I made a base form out of EVA foam and covered them with the extra length of the wig which I had previously cut off, glueing along the way with a fast drying fabric glue.  The ears are made of faux fur which I dyed and painted purple and attached to the wig with clips.

Photos by Reid Brazel (Vordigon Photography)