Nami (Alabasta) – One Piece

For Yeticon 2018, The lovely Nibu Cosplay invited me to cosplay Nami with her Vivi from One Piece!  The outfits from the Alabasta arc were so fun to wear!  Its not often I get to wear a long flowing skirt this this one!

Construction Notes:

My entire costume was made from scrap material I already had!  The top is made from a dark blue lining fabric with turquoise beads hand sewed on and thin EVA foam painted with acrylic paint for the purple details.  The trim is a white spandex sewed on as if it were bias tape.  The skirt is a light blue lining fabric with a stretch chiffon for the outer layer.  The skirt is made up of 3 basic circle skirts with an EVA foam belt.  The arm bands are made of Worbla, coated with automotive filler primer to smooth it and painted with gold wax.  The jewelry is made of various beads, findings, and gold mirror backed acrylic.

Photos by Erik Paredes Photography