Zero Two – Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two, or 002, is the mysterious human/klaxosaur hybrid the storyline of Darling in the Franxx follows.  Her fondest for the Hiro (the main hero) is only rivaled by her fondness for sweets.  I thought her character was so interesting, so I wanted to bring her to life even if I didn’t have time to make a full costume.

The first photoset is based off of the first scene Zero Two is seen in, where she bathes completely nude in a lake.  The second is a swimsuit based off the the suit she wears in the anime.

Construction Notes:

While there isn’t much of a costume to talk about, the horned headband was crafted from scratch by sculpting an original out of clay, molding it, and casting it in resin.  I made two different versions, one with solid resin which I painted, and another with translucent horns and LEDS.


Zero Two / 002 - Darling in the Franxx