Goldeen – Pokemon

I made my Goldeen gijinka to wear with Malicious Cosplay’s Seaking at Colossalcon 2018.  Getting to shoot underwater with our costumes was an amazing experience.  Alexadra Lee Studios delivered some amazing photos and she made the shooting process so easy and fun!

Construction Notes:

My Goldeen gijinka design was heavily inspired by the Goldeen outfit Misty wore in the Pokemon anime.  Instead of making a one piece leotard, I made a lightweight corset and swim bottom combo and added reflective faux pearls along the corset and sleeves to add detail.  The “fins” are made using a chiffon fabric which I painted to have the orange an red color patterns.  The wig started out pure white and and dyed the gradient into it using RIT Dyemore dyes.

To see a detailed explanation for how I did the fin painting and wig dyeing, check out my tutorials on Gradient Wig Dyeing and Painting Fabric with Acid Dyes

Underwater photos by Alexandra Lee Studios.  Seaking gijinka made and worn by Malicious Cosplay



Other photos by Vordigon Photography