N64 Girl – Musetap Studios

When I saw the video game console controller girl artwork by Musetap Studios, I absolutely fell in love with their designs!  I started playing Nintendo games with the Super Nintendo when I was a kid, and I grew up with these games and consoles, so seeing them brought to life in the form of sexy controller plug suit ladies was a dream I never knew I had!

I also had the pleasure of cosplaying as a group with Malicious Cosplay and Altar Lion Cosplay!  Malicious made both the Gamecube and Wii plug suits.

Construction Notes:

I made the bodysuit the same way I make all my bodysuits, starting with Yaya Han’s Ultimate Bodysuit Pattern.  I made a mock up, drew on the new seam lines, cut them out, made a new pattern, and made the final bodysuit with stretch vinyl and spandex.  I also used heat transfer vinyl to make the “Nintendo 64” logo, and made the buttons by sculpting them and casting them.