Kimahri Ronso – Final Fantasy X, X/2

Final Fantasy X and X2 were the first Final Fantasy games I ever played, and the character designs and vibrant colors really stood out to me.  I wanted to make something from those games that would really challenge me as a crafter and cosplayer, so I chose Kimahri.

Construction Notes:

I really wanted to go all out with this costume, which meant trying to replicate Kimahri’s giant cat-like feet.  With the help of my dad, I built a pair of digitigrade stilts with the “feet” around them made of EVA foam.  They are actually quite easy to walk in!  With the help of the stilts, I stand about about 10 inches taller, making me about 6 foot tall. Still smaller than your average female Ronso.

I also use leggings from We Love Colors, which I dyed to match my makeup, to make the makeup process go a little faster. It takes about 4 hours total for me to get into this costume, even without having to paint my legs!