Catwoman – DC Comics

I wanted to make Catwoman because I was absolutely in love with her Arkham City design.  The different textures and red tinted goggles caught my eye.  Plus, I’m a sucker for bodysuits, so I’m always up for a costume like this one!

Construction Notes:

I was on a time limit with this costume, so I only had about 4 days to make it.  Because of this, I sacrificed accuracy for efficiency, and took some artistic liberties with the bodysuit.  I patterned out the bodysuit by using an simple existing pattern, and then drawing all the new seam lines out on a mock up.  Made the goggles by resin casting the frames, using transparent Worbla (which I dyed using Rit Dyemore) for the lenses, and adding a strap made from spandex.  My cat choker is also resin cast.

My cowl was bought from Hero Craft Creations on Etsy, which I altered to have a buckle on the neck straps.