Art Nouveau Sheik – The Legend of Zelda (redesign)

Drifting by Stars has created some truly amazing Art Nouveau redesigns of different characters, and among my favorites was her version of Sheik from The Legend of Zelda.

Construction Notes:

I patterned and created the entire costume from scratch using different vinyls (stretch and non-stretch), brocade, and chiffon fabric.  I also custom dyed the gradient into the skirts and shoulder pieces, a tutorial for which you can find here, and tinted the brocade to be a darker blue.  The filigree and Sheikah eye symbols on the costume are made of foam, sealed with Plastidip, and painted with metallic wax.  My favorite part of this costume, the headpiece, was painstakingly crafted using metal leaves and filigree pieces, jewelry chain, crystal and glass beads, gold thread, and various other jewelry findings.  It alone took me 14 hours to do!

For this costume, I wear the “Wild” elf ears from Aradani Costumes.