Celty Sturluson – Durarara!!

While simple in design, not much can beat the sleek look of a black vinyl bodysuit!  While initially I was drawn to the striking appearance of the Headless Rider, It was her character that really won me over. She has a badass exterior housing a soft, loving interior, and she is complete with her own quirks and peculiarities.  She’s highly relatable and I really can’t help but love her.

Construction Notes:

The bodysuit I wear for Celty is 4 way stretch vinyl and sewn using Yaya Han’s Ultimate Bodysuit Pattern.  It’s my favorite bodysuit pattern to work with and I use it as a base for all my bodysuit needs! The helmet started as a regular motorcycle helmet which I added ears to using foam, Apoxie Sculpt, dry wall filler, and an insane amount of sanding!The scythe is made using PVC pipe and Plywood, with Apoxie Sculpt to round out the edges.