Cana Alberona – Fairy Tail

Cana was a costume I decided to do on a whim while watching Fairy Tail.  She was a simple design that I knew I would be able to compete easily, not to mention her strength and loyalty to her friends is something anyone can look up to.

Construction Notes:

Since Cana is a character that mostly wears common looking clothing, most of this costume is purchased.  The exceptions being her magic cards, jewelry, and feathered bag.

To make the cards, I printed out the back of the card from a file found online, and then drew the artwork for each one by hand.  I then laminated them to keep them safe from harm.  The bag is patterned and sewn from scratch using white vinyl fabric with a couple of fluffy blue feather boas hand sewn onto the outside.  The upper arm bands are made the craft foam and Worbla, while the bracelets are simply existing bracelets which I painted silver.