Midna (True Form) – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Midna was the first costume I ever made, dating back to summer of 2013. and it is what started my love affair with cosplay.  With fabric purchased from Walmart, the cheapest fabric paint I could find, a bright orange Amazon wig, and a daring adventure with Pax body paint, I managed to make this costume with the help of my family and friends.

Construction Notes:  

As stated above, Midna was my first costume, so I didn’t have a lot of knowledge when it came to making costumes.  I used some cheap fabric from Walmart to make the cloak and skirt, and the cheapest fabric paint I could find to paint on the design.  The headpiece was made using wooden rods, a headband, silver toned chain, and Sculpey.  The belt, ankle bracelet, and hair piece were also made with Sculpey and everything was painted with silver acrylic paint.  The top and gloves were purchased, and I added the details to the gloves with fabric glue and glitter!